In her diverse body of work, Jennifer Deppe Parker examines how the subconscious mind can be engaged. Whether through her paintings, photographs, or mixed media collages, she believes that the most effective method for a person to connect with a complex message is through visual imagery.  She explores layers of understanding and contemplates how colors, forms, patterns and abstract representations can influence our perspective.  In her “Prism" series, she creates strikingly graphic macro portraits of the eye using hand-cut paper materials that reflect the underlying subjects’ preferences. The portraits of each eye display space and movement in the ambiguous black void as well as the swirling shafts of color. These works are intended to give a viewer a unique opportunity to ponder the depth and intensity of each image and to escape into a zone where they are guided more by intuition.

American, b. 1981, born, raised, & based in New York, New York

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